Thirrin enjoys life as a carefree daughter. She is an impulsive teenager, who gets bored in the lessons that she has with an old scholar named Maggiore Totus. He later becomes Royal Advisor and accompanies Thirrin throughout the story. The Polypontian Empire, led by General Scipio Bellorum, have lost few battles, never a war, and have taken control of most of the countries around them, save Icemark and some others. They are "supposed" to improve the world with science and a better quality of life and are inspired by the Romans. It is in one of these Polypontian territorial wars that Redrought sacrifices his entire army, including himself when the last soldier kills him in a surprise attack.

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The Empire : The Polypontian empire. Three guesses as to what they are. But obviously had more important things to worry about. Fantasy Counterpart Culture - Many. Gondor Calls for Aid : Happens in almost every book, getting even more fantastical as the series goes on. Happily Married : Thirrin and Oskan in the second and third books.

Oskan opens up a gate to send Medea to The Spirit Realms. Henpecked Husband : Subverted. Thirrin even tells Cressida that its important to have a consort who will keep you accountable. Heroic Sacrifice : Oskan. Heterosexual Life-Partners : Sharley and Mekhmet. Also, Eodred and Howler. Karma Houdini : Bellorum, at least at the end of the first book. After causing unimaginable suffering in his quest to conquer the Icemark, he Meaningful Name : With Scipio Bellorum, at least.

And LBOTI mentions kingdoms named after leaders titles Khan and Potantate Never My Fault : Medea cannot bring herself to admit that she is responsible for her own evil, believing that the Parental Favoritism for her brother Sharley is responsible for the way she is. Bellorum took this badly.

Panthera Awesome : The Snow Leopards. The capital letters are important. Pretty much every single royal that appears gets to fight. Rule of Cool : Lots of this. Talking Giant Snow Leopards! Sky Navy! Dinosaur cavalry! The Polypontians based on the people who invented ballistae are much more technologically advanced, using muskets, matchlock pistols, cannons with wheels, and airships Science Is Bad : Subverted and played straight.

However, everyone agrees that science as used by the Polypontians — of the "stamp out everything unscientific and take over the world" kind — is bad. Shout-Out : Many in the Vampire names. Bramorius Stokescu and Christophoray Leela , anyone? How about Lugosi? To the Pain : Averted. Her Vampiric Majesty threatens to give a captured Bellorum an unimaginably slow and painful death , but Thirrin kills him before she gets the chance. Trilogy Creep : The Icemark Chronicles was originally supposed to be a trilogy, but then the prequel came out.

Two Roads Before You : In Cry of the Icemark, the warlock has a choice between being good and being evil, and there is a very specific point in the text where he chooses: Simple, easy and powerful, or good? The choice was obvious. And then Thirrin spoke. The Undead : There are pretty typical zombies that show up every now and then. Unexplained Recovery : Played straight by Oskan in the first book.

Slightly inverted as they were designed that way for want of a better word as part of a deliberate Babies Ever After. Vampire Monarch : All the vampires are ruled over by two ancient vampires known only as Their Vampiric Majesties.

Warrior Prince and princesses for that matter : Practically all of them except for Medea and Sharley in the beginning. Justified since it happens because the Basilea needed a consort and Thirrin thought a marriage ceremony would boost morale. And they were already in a relationship. Wolf Man : The werewolves are described to be much like this. You Mean "Xmas" : The Yule celebration. Seems justified at first in that many Christmas traditions do come from the Yule festival celebrated by Northern Germanic peoples, whom the Icemark is based on; but actually played straight in that they have a Santa analogue, which the real Yule celebrations did not.


The Icemark Chronicles Series



The Icemark Chronicles


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