Unfortunately it seems most of the criticisms of eBuyer have been completely removed from the article. The link to this site has also been removed from the article, claiming a lack of evidence. Fortunately we are now reaching a much wider audience, so hello there! At the time of ordering, he noted there were 23 remaining in stock. He paid, and received confirmation that my order had been allocated stock and was waiting arrival of his shiny and reasonably-priced computer monitor.

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Description Order Placed Your order has been successfully entered into our system. We are waiting for stock to become available, and payment to be processed. Processing Order Stock has been allocated, and your order has been passed to the warehouse responsible for shipping your goods. It is not uncommon for Ebuyer to ship items from multiple locations, the actual date of dispatch may vary depending on the warehouse responsible for shipping your goods.

We try to ensure all your order items arrive together on your requested delivery date, however some warehouses may ship ahead of schedule. Shipped Your order has left our warehouse and is being shipped to you by one of our couriers. An invoice can be printed from your order page on the Ebuyer website.

This will potentially delay the shipping of your order. You should have received an email and an order note detailing which of your order items encountered problems. These items will be highlighted in red on your order page, allowing you to take any remedial action neccessary. Any other items will only stay allocated to your order for a maximum of 48 hours. If you do not act within this time these items may be de-allocated and made available for general sale.

Payment Problem During the process of charging your credit card we were unable to obtain an authorisation code, you should have received an email and an order note informing you of this.

This may be for a number of reasons, please check your payment details to ensure they are correct. This means we have acknowledged your request to cancel the order and your request should be completed shortly. Cancelled Your order has been cancelled. Any reasons for order cancellation will show in your order notes. Order Cancellations You may cancel your order anytime up until items have been passed to the warehouse responsible for shipping your goods.

To cancel an order, please use the tools provided on the website or contact us by phone if you need any help.


Ordering Information

Changing Account Details Order Status This section allows you to view all order history on your account The first page will display the last 5 orders on your account, but you can view all orders to date by clicking on the link "show all orders". The orders page will tell you the status of your orders, view any notes that have been posted by ebuyer staff and allows you to track delivery of your orders. This allows you to resurrect any expired quote at a later date and recalculate the price. If you unexpectedly dropped out of a Checkout process, you should also be able to find your quote here. The Ledger This section allows you to view your transaction history online in a statement format. Here you can view any debits and credits that have been made on your account to date, and view any available credit that has been applied to your account to use against future orders.



Kazitaur Invoiced What does invoiced on eBuyer mean? It could take some time before I get hold of my previous invoices. What does invoiced mean on ebuyer? Invoice is basically the reciept, you can use the invoice to claim tax back if you run your own company. They have pushed responsibility back on to me in contravention of the act. Answer Questions How to i turn off sound on videos i already posted on Instagram?

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