Ross Morrison McGill Ross Morrison McGill Ross is the founder of TeacherToolkit; an experienced teacher and school leader who has worked in some of the most challenging schools in London over the past three decades. Specialism Whole-school leadership; teaching and learning; social media Teacher workload, wellbeing, and mental health. He has been a senior leader for the last 7 years in a successful all-through academy working across 5 key stages. Chris has now worked in over schools across England and Wales.

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His work was driven by a deep belief that the role of a teacher is about more than just getting students through exams. He felt that, at its heart, education was about helping learners to develop the skills and attitudes they needed to pursue their own interests and contribute to society.

But he was always pragmatic — recognising that teachers needed practical ideas to help them to achieve these goals. He then began teaching RE in secondary schools in Birmingham. In the late s, Mr Ginnis joined the team of staff development tutors at Birmingham local education authority. Unlike the local authority advisers, who specialised in particular subjects, the staff development tutors focused on generic skills.

It was a time of upheaval in education, with the introduction of GCSEs and the first national curriculum. He became known for his energy and his knack of being able to distil masses of information to isolate the essential points.

These qualities served him well when, in , he decided to leave Birmingham and set up a freelance consultancy. He needed to advertise only once; after that word-of-mouth recommendations were enough to keep him in work, which, over the years, spread from the Midlands to locations as far away as Peru and Malaysia.

Outside work, Mr Ginnis was a life-long Stoke City supporter, having first gone to see matches with his grandfather. After moving back to Alsager in , he made friends with backroom staff, taking them Easter eggs, and became well known around the ground.

He also loved music, building an extensive vinyl collection stretching across many genres from classical to punk. He twice fulfilled his dream of being a roadie, blocking out several weeks for two tours of the country; one with The Zombies and a second time with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. His influence on teachers — through his writing and his training courses — has been far-reaching, inspirational and transformational.

He will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife, Sharon, three children and one grandchild.


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