An excellent effects unit for vocalists that adds a guitar facility. Pros Great vocal effects. Hit switch adds versatility. Harmonies follow your live guitar playing. Cons Limited control of guitar sounds. Do you sing and play guitar at the same time?

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An excellent effects unit for vocalists that adds a guitar facility. Pros Great vocal effects. Hit switch adds versatility. Harmonies follow your live guitar playing. Cons Limited control of guitar sounds. Do you sing and play guitar at the same time? The unit is preset-based, featuring over editable presets for vocals and guitar that are inspired by particular songs and artists, the vocal effects ranging from basic reverb, compression and EQ to more complex double-tracking, backing harmonies and those ubiquitous Auto-Tune-style effects, robot voices and the like.

There are rear-panel inputs for a microphone and guitar, with stereo XLR outputs to go direct to a PA. The vocal effects that rely on pitch shifting to create harmonies can take their pitch detection from your guitar playing.

If you want your guitar to work in that role while using your own amp and effects, the unit has a Thru jack to send the guitar signal to an amp at the same time as disabling the onboard guitar processing.

Among several other features are some useful practice aids, namely a headphone output and aux input that let you play and sing along to songs from, say, an mp3 player, with a voice-cancel feature to sit your own vocals in the mix. Sounds A pair of footswitches scroll up and down through the presets, while the third Hit switch adds additional effects to each preset for more intensity. When held, the Hit footswitch also functions as a vocal effects bypass, to be used specifically for making announcements between songs, as it also mutes the guitar and brings a tuner up on the display.

The twin harmonies, set at a sensible level to accompany the main vocal, are a very nice touch, intelligently tracking your guitar playing. The guitar effects cover a fair range of sounds, the presets dialling in very usable complete tones for songs that will be familiar to all guitarists. Up to three effects - a modulation effect, delay and reverb - can be combined with a range of AmpTones amp simulations, which each feature adjustable parameters including drive, compression and three-band EQ.

When it comes to editing the guitar sound, you start with 41 factory guitar styles, each having a different combination of AmpTone and effects, but you can get in and tweak a range of parameters for each.

In fact, with an ample range of onboard sounds for a massive repertoire of songs, the VoiceLive Play GTX is just about perfect for anyone doing a solo covers gig. Most Popular Most Shared 1.


Tc helicon play acoustic manual

The sound is the fort. J love it. If I had more I would have bought using the VoiceLive 2 , but hey we will see later. A real toy to use a lot of possibilities. Level effects voice, nothing to say. Level Guitar Effects, it does, it is not transcendent but the result is very decent for the price, nothing to say!! You can go there with your eyes closed!


Tc-helicon VoiceLive Play GTX Manuals

Page Effects - Delay Effects - Delay f Delay Contains Delay effects which repeat the input signal based on the style and the current tempo There are two parameters: Feedback — Controls the amount of the delayed signal that is fed back into the effect Higher levels of feedback will make the delay continue for a longer period of time Style — Page 22 Effects - Delay cont. Page Effects - Harmony Effects - Harmony f Harmony Creates harmonies to accompany your lead vocal, using one or more voices There are three parameters: Level — Controls the overall level of the Harmonies Press the right-upper soft button to select this parameter and use the control knob to adjust the level 0dB is the maximum volume for the effect — Page 25 Effects - Harmony cont. Page Effects - Transducer Effects - Transducer f Transducer Contains effects that modify the sound by adding various filters and overdrive compo- nents There are three parameters: Drive — Controls the amount of overdrive applied to the signal More drive will distort the signal and create megaphone style effects Filter — Page Effects - Guitar Effects - Guitar f Guitar Guitar effects are handled in the same way as the vocal effects, with some minor chang- es. The guitar sounds are selected by style and there is an advanced menu for fine con- trol over parameters Guitar settings are saved per-preset, unless Global Guitar is set to ON in the Setup menu If you select a guitar style and modify it, those settings will be lost if you move away from the style.


TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX Manuals & User Guides


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