Pinterest0 The year is A significant time not just for comics in India but worldwide, Watchmen has just concluded its run, The Dark Knight Returns has been published, somewhere Grant Morrison works on Arkham Asylum and back home Raj Comics is on its way to becoming the most powerful and well distributed Comic book brand in our country. Their flagship character Nagraj is a runaway success and pressure is on a young Anupam Sinha to create another character to fulfill the expectation of fans for more and more content. Anupam Sinha had till that time worked in Diamond comics on other superheroes, and had recently joined Raj Comics, where he would go on to become the most influential writer and artist and a chief architect of many a childhood. He had the option on diving deep into mythology or science fiction, but he chose a different route. He gave the country a very different type of hero.

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It is the last part of the Bal Charit series. In this comics series Dhruv has to fight a dangerous group called hunters. Which has separated his family and every one close to him, including his mother and father Rajan who is a police commissioner.

This story also brings back the story of Dhruv when he was a child and was brought up in jupiter circus. The Bal Charit comics series also brings back his mother Radha. The story of end game starring Dhruv is very complex if you want to enjoy it the best would be to download or buy it from Rajcomics online store www. But Radha and Matthesh easily defeat him, seeing a sure defeat the creature decides to flee.

Matthesh then goes back to the trapped person named Mover, who had attacked the hunters hideout. Vakr interrogates Mover but he refuses to answer any of his questions about Radha or the leave covered creature. Matthesh and Vakra go back to Jacob. On the other hand Dhruv is fighting a 4 handed two headed Torimori siamese twins. The two give him a hard time, but Dhruv goes in the AC duct and throws the ceiling fan on their heads.

But they still manage to keep fighting. Dhruv then tries to save the camera which has some proof against the hunters. He gives it to the bank manager and asks him to put it back in the locker.

Meanwhile Chandika, who is originally Shweta in disguise shows up to help Dhruv. The two manage to lock the two headed Torimori Siamese twins inside the bank locker, while Dhruv goes on to check the contents of the camera.

Dhruv does not find any film role inside the camera and dejected by the results sits in the broken commando headquaters. The two Chandika and Dhruv find out that there is a secret message written on dots inside the camera body.

But as soon as they start analysing the data an invisible personality starts breaking up the camera. Dhruv and Chandika lock the room and spray it with gas and then water to find out the person who is behind this mischief.

Dhruv attacks the guy but he is a bit fast they then throw paper rolls on him which makes the invisible man clearly visible for them the attack. The person turns out to be baba ji who is trying to save their parents from the hunters. Baba ji then takes Dhruv and Chandika to the hunters hideout to save Black Cat who is already there.

Black cat is following Radha, who goes into a secret house and takes off her disguise but then Black cat looses conciousness and wakes up infront of the leaf creature who has tied her up. The leaf guy then tells Black cat that her blood contains the part of the secret serum formula which he is after and he is extracting some of the blood from her body.

On the other hand Dhruv is with Baba ji who tells him the story of the origin of Hunters. They were a secret group formed during when the Britishers were slaying various Matts or monasteries. Then Matthadheesh Mahabal searched various fighters from across India and made a group to fight against the British.

Britishers were so scared of the hunters that they stopped entering their area. As the story was being narrated a bird comes up near the car and tells Dhruv that the members of his commando force are alive and trapped in the hunters headquarters.

The story continues where Baba ji tells that Vajradhar was given the charge of the hunters who finds a hakeem or a doctor named Kimiadas in Kashiraj who creates a medicine giving amazing powers to the hunters. Earlier the hunters used to fight for the Indian government and secret agencies but later Vajra found out that the hunters are being used for personal works by Dadwal.

Rest of the story is a bit complicated and can be best understood when you read the comics. She finds out that Dadwal is betraying his country. She brings in the proof but no one belives her and as a punishment she is given a brain washing medicine and expelled from the group.

Dada ji or the invisible then reveals that he is Vajradhar, father of Gaurangi who after being brain washed Gaurangi had joined Jupiter circus as Radha and Dada ji is the grand father of Dhruv.

Fortunately Natasha survives as her plane crashes in the jungle. Dhruv and the others fight there way to find Martand current leader of hunters, the person who is the father of Vakra and who tried to kill Dada ji Vajradhar. The have a heated battle but as usual our super hero Dhruv finds a way and defeats him. Forcing Dhruv to back out and fight Vakra in a ring one on one. Vakra loses the fight when Matthesh comes with a sword and throws at Dhruv, he is saved by Radha who comes in between the sword and dhruv, she is knocked out cold.

I wonder why this kid exchange business took place if both the kids were born at the same time. Kalika wanted her son to be the new leader of the monestary. So she had undergone a surgery to give birth. While Martand the leader of the monestary or Matthesh is annoyed with his wife Kalika, tables turn. The guy in leaf turns up with his two associates Mover and Hakim, the one who makes medicines for the hunters. The guy in leaf is actually Grand Master Robo, and the other guy Mover is his son.

Vakra, attacks Mover but is thrown back by a solid kick, next Martand throws his axe at Mover, who is breaks the axe in several pieces and throws back at Martand piercing his body and badly injuring him.

Robo was here to get the secret medicine which can revive his ailing body. Now that Robo has the medicine he is claiming to become the leader of the Hunters, he orders Mover or Product Robo to beat Dhruv. Dhruv is having a hard time fighting Product but Nana ji or original Matthadheesh Mahabal comes to save Dhruv, with his powers of invisibility.

Dhruv then talks to his grand father and gets the secret of the memory loss medicine. He gives his medicine in the form of fumes to Product and Grand Master Robo amazingly no one else gets affected by the medicine. Not even Dhruv who is in close proximity of the fumes. Grand Master Robo vanishes along with Product, on knowing the truth and begins to lose his memory.

Everyone is caught by the police, Dhruv assures Martand and Vakra that he will take care of the villagers and ensure that Hunters are on the right path in their lives.

Before leaving with the police Martand tells Dhruv about the temple of Goddess Durga where his mother used to train, it contains hidden secrets and the inner sanctum doors should never be opened. Dhruv promises to keep the temple safe and the story ends with mysteries. If you like the story do leave your comments. The story feels like it is being stretched at times and people are changing faces and identities for no reason.

Still over all a good comics to read, it did complicate the origin of our hero Super Commando Dhruv but in the end nothing seems to have changed much.

Dhruv is still the son of Radha who was once a hunter and her real name was Gaurangi. The art work and story by Anupam Sinha is once again amazing and keeps the users engaged.

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Introducing: Super Commando Dhruv!

Personality traits[ edit ] Dhruva is eating eggs in breakfast Dhruva comes out as a humble, gentle and down to earth kind of personality. He is very soft-spoken and mild-mannered guy who respects his elders. He is always well dressed with buttoned collar and sports well kept hairs. Anupam Sinha knew that being a hero with no superpowers and no alter ego, Dhruva was probably the closest thing to reality in a world of comic book superheroes, a character that children could relate to, a character that children could try to emulate. Sinha wanted Dhruva to become a role model for the kids. He wanted to show the kids that one can be tough as well as well mannered at the same time. Dhruva has been shown to have utmost respect for human life and has vowed not to take a human life ever.


End Game Dhruv Comics story read online download PDF


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