This makes the power supply more efficient at a wider range of loads compared to other power supply topologies, but doing this alone can affect ripple and noise and voltage regulation. Functions like OCP over current protection, which is protection from any one output drawing too much current , OPP over-power protection, which prevents overloading , OVP over-voltage protection, which measures if voltage goes too high , UVP under-voltage protection , and SCP short circuit protection. If any value programmed into the IC is exceeded, the IC is instructed to shut down the power supply. This information moves relatively slow when compared to the ever-varying loads of your typical PC, so voltage regulation is still not as good as it can be.

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Buy Now For television buyers who prefer LCD over plasma, few manufacturers are doing as much to earn their dollars as Sony. Configuration is complicated, but once you get it set up to your liking, you can forget about the adjustments and just enjoy one of the best pictures on the market no matter what sources you throw at it. The design is really something. So if you want to angle the screen to face different parts of the room, you just swing it from side to side. It moves about 15 degrees in either direction when you nudge it with a gentle push.

The screen is one big edge-to-edge slab of almost completely unadorned Gorilla glass. Furthering the aesthetic, the inch-thick bezel around the screen is capped by a barely-there aluminum ring.

The choice of Gorilla Glass here is a smart one. I tested it in a room filled with ambient daylight, in the same room with a couple of accent lamps, and in total darkness. It always looked amazing, and the glare from the lighting did very little to degrade the picture. There was very little LED blooming evident from the edge-lit screen. It was certainly good enough to maintain absolute blacks in letterboxed pictures or when watching full-screen content with wide variations between light and dark.

Color representation is excellent as well, if a little saturated. But of course, you can fix this in the menus. Just as impressive were the deep blacks. The layout of the ports on the back is a little weird, with an Ethernet jack, composite and component hookups and two HDMI ports along the bottom, then two additional HDMI ports along the side. Two USB ports are also on the side, about 8 inches from the top of the television.

This is sold as so-called "Smart TV," but the thing is barely out of grade school. One stumbling block: 3-D. Plenty of connection options. Simple design exudes grace and poise. Internet options Yahoo widgets! It does Skype, but the camera is sold separately.

Photo courtesy of Sony Electronics Buy Now Affiliate Links When you buy something using the retail links in our product reviews, we earn a small affiliate commission.

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Sony BRAVIA KDL-55HX850 User Manual



TV Speaker Stand for 46" HX850/HX853/HX855 Series BRAVIA LCD TV


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