These foods are can also be customized. For example, a vegetarian would not be advised to eat meat, and someone with seafood allergies would not be advised to eat seafood. This is the benefit of not using a one size fits all program, and the personalized plan leaves no gaps. What Does Slimgenics Do? Slimgenics walks users through each of the four phases and provides different resources and services to help people get slim and healthy.

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These foods are can also be customized. For example, a vegetarian would not be advised to eat meat, and someone with seafood allergies would not be advised to eat seafood. This is the benefit of not using a one size fits all program, and the personalized plan leaves no gaps. What Does Slimgenics Do? Slimgenics walks users through each of the four phases and provides different resources and services to help people get slim and healthy.

These phases are comprehensive and cover everything including nutrition, support, education and healthy living advice. Upon enrollment, users receive a detailed and personalized diet plan that is tailored to their needs and fits in with their lifestyle. While enrolled, users may visit the clinic or check in with their advisor up to six times per week for advice and feedback on their progress.

This counseling is designed to reinforce healthy habits and encourage users to eat well and abstain from harmful foods. Also, body stats are checked when users walk into Slimgenics facilities for counseling.

Slimgenics reports that, on average, users lose between one and two pounds per week. This is a result of following a professionally established diet plan. Slimgenics and Education Education also plays a major role in every Slimgenics program. This education can stay with users for a lifetime and keep them from falling back into old habits once they reach their target weight and leave the program. As previously mentioned, Slimgenics targets thermogenesis as a contributing factor to weight loss while helping people grow into healthier lifestyles.

Thermogenesis is also known as the generation of heat in the body, which is known to burn more fat and boost energy. Slimgenics claims that this effect can also quicken the metabolism and result in healthy weight loss without any hunger pangs or sluggishness.

Slimgenics and Thermogenesis Thermogenesis can be activated by various food and supplement products, many of which Slimgenics offers directly.

Thermogenesis alters metabolism and increases resistance to weight gain. Brown adipose tissue plays a key role in thermogenesis, but active brown adipose tissue is only found in a portion of the population.

For those who have inactive brown adipose tissue, activation is key to enhancing energy burn in the body. Some researchers find that substances like green tea extract can induce thermogenesis in people. This is partially attributed to the caffeine in green tea extract, which stimulates brown adipose tissue thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis, in particular, plays a key role in maintaining these differences among individuals. One study followed sixteen non-obese volunteers who were instructed to overeat for eight weeks.

The non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which may include fidgeting and other expenditures of energy, was a major differentiator between volunteers who accumulated fat and those who kept it off. In one study, obese and average-weight women ate thermogenic activating foods and were studied for energy expenditure and heart rate changes. While energy expenditure increased significantly in both groups after eating, the obese group burned off less energy than the control group.

Obesity Research Does Slimgenics Work? The question of whether this program works comes down to research a well as feedback from real Slimgenics users. In addition to targeting thermogenesis, the program aims to educate users and provide expertly created meal plans for long-term lifestyle change. The accountability and support are significant factors in preventing relapse and future weight gain, or what is also known as yo-yo dieting.

Clinical studies confirm the beneficial effects of nutritional education on obese patients. One study provided overweight and obese participants with nutritional guides while dietitians met up with them on a frequent basis to talk about health.

At the end of the study, participants had lost significant amounts of weight, giving validity to the role of education in nutrition and weight loss, states the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Behavior modification methods and nutrition education have also been applied to overweight and obese children. In one study, children and their mothers were given information on diet and exercise, and behavior modification methods were applied to different groups.

The groups who received behavior modification counseling were more effective at losing weight than the groups who received nutritional education alone, states Annals of Internal Medicine. Dietary counseling is a core component of the Slimgenics program and is largely responsible for user success. Many studies confirm the benefits of dietary counseling for weight loss. These counseling sessions have been found to produce modest weight loss and are used by weight loss clinics and programs around the world.

Side effects of participating in the Slimgenics program are difficult to pinpoint, mainly because each dietary plan is personalized to the individual enrolled. These personalized nutritional plans take allergies and diet-restrictions into consideration, in an attempt at avoiding negative side effects of dieting as much as possible.

Instead of side effects, some users share certain complaints about the company and the program. Some users find quitting Slimgenics to be rather tricky because enrollment in the program is bound by a contract. This may be one reason why the company guarantees results. If quitting Slimgenics is not an option, users may continue long enough to experience some weight loss. Slimgenics ripoff allegations are frequently made when users discover additional and elevated charges to their bill.

These Slimgenics ripoff reports are also spread due to a shared feeling that the company charges for things that users can get for free or at a significantly lowered price. Is There a Slimgenics Alternative? Slimgenics vs. Weight Watchers When comparing Slimgenics vs.

Weight Watchers offers coaching, weekly meetings for community support, and customizable plans and system services. Medifast When comparing Slimgenics vs. Medifast, other differences come to the surface. Medifast relies heavily on prepackaged meals and meal replacement products to help users lose weight.

Slimgenics says that their packaged meals are optional, but their thermogenic snacks are required to complete the program at an additional cost. Medifast also offers meetings for extra support in certain regions, and additional services like food journals, nutrition guides, and personal health coaches are free for users.

Cost What is the Slimgenics Cost? The cost of Slimgenics depends on the program. Directions Slimgenics Directions Slimgenics users are directed to meet with their counselors at least once per week and follow their customized dietary plan. The directions for following the program vary depending on which program the user is enrolled in.

The in-center program does slightly more for users than the online at-home program, and the youth program also contains minor changes to suit people of younger age groups. Results Slimgenics Results Some people report positive results and significant weight loss while enrolled in one of the Slimgenics programs. Some users report losing over pounds, and others lose just enough to get to their target weight. Slimgenics Weight Loss The people at Slimgenics care about health and well being, but the program is entirely centered on weight loss.

It is not simply a health program for people of average weight to enroll in to become healthier. It is expressly designed for people who are looking to boost thermogenesis and lose a specific, often large, number of pounds.

Not to mention my skin, hair and nails are more shiny and strong!


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