Gartner bases their findings on distinct service and market share criteria. Thus, the graph plots the MSSPs based on the completeness of their security visions and their ability to execute on those visions. Additionally, they identify key capabilities for the market space and evaluate the vendors on their fulfillment of those capabilities. Through these criteria, Gartner labels the top solution providers as Leaders, Visionaries, Challengers, and Niche Players. Despite the labels, Gartner explicitly states it does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in its research publications.

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Original report follows below. IBM offers a broad range of MSSs, security consulting and incident response, either as stand-alone offerings or as part of larger IT services and outsourcing engagements.

There are four MSS tiers available, ranging from basic endpoint security to highly customized services. Threat intelligence and incident response services, as well as security consulting services, are available. Large enterprises with global service delivery requirements looking for flexible security event monitoring technology options, and those with strategic relationships with IBM, should consider IBM for MSSs.

All partner programs — from products to recurring revenue services — are part of a singular IBM PartnerWorld partner program. The latest one, announced in mid, is based in Wroclaw, Poland. The SOCs are supported by a center of excellence in Romania that is focused on customer device management and new service innovation.

Customer access to services is via the Secureworks Client Portal. A range of commercial log sources from customer-deployed technologies are supported, in addition to leveraging commercial and proprietary tools for managed network and host-based threat monitoring.

Additional services, such as vulnerability scanning both customer- or Secureworks-managed and advanced threat intelligence services are also available to buyers. Midsize, enterprise and government organizations seeking an established MSS that leverages a consistent, shared delivery approach with a global presence, and a security-focused set of offerings, should, consider Secureworks. Chief among them: A partnership to push deeper into the government IT security market.

Customers are assigned to a primary SOC in their region along with a global team of analysts aligned to their specific industry vertical. Symantec has a broad portfolio of security technology solutions. Symantec meets data residency requirements through contractual arrangements and the EU Standard Model Clause.

Symantec MSS supports advanced threat detection via integrations with its own solutions as well as third-party products for network monitoring and forensics capabilities, and for payload analysis.

Incident and breach response services are available on retainer or on an ad hoc basis to buyers looking for a single provider for MSSs and response services. Monitoring capabilities are available for popular SaaS, IaaS and public cloud services. Trustwave has several partnerships with regional telecommunications and service providers e. Trustwave has a large portfolio of security technologies — including SIEM, UTM, network access control, application security, WAF and anti-malware — and builds MSSs around those, as well as support for a variety of third-party security products.

Threat intelligence and incident response services are provided in- house from the Trustwave SpiderLabs team. Midmarket and small enterprise organizations, especially those with PCI DSS compliance requirements, make up the majority of Trustwave customers; however, the vendor has increased its focus on large enterprise buyers.

Telecommunications customers that have formed strategic partnerships with Trustwave, as well as companies in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and banking vertical industries, should consider Trustwave for MSSs. Trustwave is a good option for customers that need both products and services from a single provider, as the vendor has several competitive security software- and hardware-based platforms.

Among the recent moves: A partnership to push deeper into Canada , new GDPR compliance services , and an online learning system for channel partners. Verizon uses regional SOCs and data retention to meet requirements for local data storage and analysis. Malware analysis and network and endpoint forensics are available to buyers. Remote and on-site support for incident and breach response is provided via the Threat Intel and Response Service.

Enterprises, including existing Verizon network customers, should consider Verizon if they require well-established global or region-specific MSSs. Also, the company is in acquisition mode.


Magic Quadrant for Global MSSPs

Companies are sorted alphabetically… 1. Potential customers should validate that the roadmap for portal features to support investigation, workflow and reporting will meet their requirements. MSS customers use separate portals for device management and security monitoring services. Network services and security remain core to the business. Atos has access to high-profile digital business projects at large enterprises because of its broader IT services engagements — many MSS competitors do not have this level of access and visibility to transformational technology projects. Atos has a variety of alliances and partnerships with security technology vendors to deliver its device management and security monitoring offerings. Atos has announced new big data-based security analytics capabilities for MSS to be delivered in that leverage vendor partnerships and its own proprietary hardware and software solutions.


2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide



Gartner Magic Quadrant for MSSPs: 2017 Company List, Research


BS EN 12079-2 PDF

What’s Changed: The 2019 Managed Security Services, Worldwide Magic Quadrant


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