Yupana successfully delivers LTE integration services for regional US operator, and based on the success of the project, this carrier agrees to partner with Yupana exclusively for all integration services. Yupana Inc. Yupana exhibits its services and products in the biggest telecommunications event in Americas, between 12 September, in Mobile World Congress Americas, San Francisco. Being an innovative provider of services, solutions, and products for the radio access of next generation networks, Yupana brings new approaches and vision to the industry. With its game changing solutions and products, Yupana creates difference and value for the operators and their contractors, for better, faster and less costly services.

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Working closely with the wireless carriers we developed tailored engineering services and customized products allowing our customers to build the networks of tomorrow. Our team of highly skilled technicians and engineering bring an unprecedented level of quality and expertise to all field activities, combined with our passionate and ambitious team of UTRAN engineers and project managers, and software developers.

Yupana leverages many years of international experience managing projects and programs in Tier 1 MNOs, along with world class Engineering expertise. Solutions Yupana Technical Solutions Group focuses on providing software and hardware tools to increase efficiency and growth for its internal and external customers.

All details related to field support is recorded for creating accountability, realizing efficiencies and removing bottle-necks. TSG Dashboard has specially designed alerts and notifications to reduce response time in critical actions, field teams can request RAN support with a single click. Tool acts as a file repository, grouping and storing all ticket related files in a single cloud platform. Project Managers can monitor and organize the field work in real time.

They can dispatch the teams very quickly knowing every detail about scope of work. TSG dashboard has a specially designed mobile application focusing on field technicians and their work environment. YuCube Support YuCube comes with well defined processes, scripts and a very useful toolbox to modify configuration or change essential parameters on the fly. YuCube Support Center has world class experts who knows the Base Station systems in and out, following the latest technologies day by day for each vendor.

YSC YuCube Support Center is ready to tackle every kind of problem and will make sure that given task is performed in time with highest quality. YuLAB YuLAB is a fully equipped telecommunications laboratory where Yupana technicians can test and develop software tools as well as innovative process improvements. It has antenna systems, base station systems, core network elements, and other various network equipment to create any telecommunications scneario and test or improve new equipment, software and processes.

PIM prediction is always followed by stress testing to verify problems. PIM prediction on large scale markets eliminate busy workload of manual desktop analysis and possible redundant outages on sites during essential PIM tests. Follow us on.


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Chordeleg[ edit ] The earliest known example of a table-yupana was found in in Chordeleg , Azuay Province , Ecuador. It is a rectangular table 33x27 cm of wood consisting of 17 compartments, of which 14 are square , 2 are rectangular , and one is octagonal. On two edges of the table there are other square compartments 12x12 cm raised and symmetrically arranged one another, to which two square platforms 7x7 cm , are overlapped. These structures are called towers. The table presents a symmetry of the compartments with respect to the diagonal of the rectangle.



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