I was one year into a new three year deal with Estonia when this offer came from Lincoln. I was fully expecting to sign an amended contract and agree on accommodation and other issues ready for me to begin in January some weeks later. Keith Boanas: Using Estonia as an example plus what I have seen travelling to different tournaments and seminars the differences for me in coaching abroad vary. The obvious ones are dealing with language barriers and cultural differences, the real positives for me were the instant respect I received for my qualifications and experience not only from the players and staff in Estonia but also from many of our opponents.

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Boanas helped him on his way to becoming a Premier League manager. Indeed Stoney still holds Boanas in the highest regard and was one of the first to congratulate him after he got the Watford job. The Estonian FA also hold him in pretty high esteem. He was only meant to stay three years tops but left, nearly eight years later, having doubled the number of female players playing the game and developed more than 80 female coaches, which is more than Belgium boast.

He left quite the legacy. I said after one year that it was a ten-year job. It was about developing and going back to basics. He loves nothing more than a spot of firefighting and starting from scratch.

The meeting I had with the club went very well and I was impressed with the passion and ambition. I just want to get started, coach the team and make players better. I want to be in the technical area. He refused to turn his back on the game despite the cruel twist of a double leg-break before the age of 16, robbing him of a potential pro career as a versatile defender at Chelsea.

They won the league that year but Boanas seems to have an uncanny knack of resurrecting teams and creating an infrastructure, even at pub football level. It was great. I just get a buzz out of football. Boanas and Watford seem like a perfect match.



Encourage the goalkeeper to marshall the defence with both voice and position, reacting to the ball switching zones and decision on when to sweep or retreat. Blues must get int Zone 1 to score — following play your goalkeeper should be in the Zone 1 box in her half of the pitch 2. As the transition happens the goalkeeper must keep an eye on where the ball is — here it moves quickly into zone 3 so the goalkeeper must move back quickly to be in position 3. The movement of the white players is to receive the ball through the zones passing and moving onto the ball. With this movement the goalkeeper needs to react but must wait to see where the ball is passed to 4.


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Keith Boanas: Watford Ladies name former Charlton boss as new head coach


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