He has produced a CD that contains various key binaural-beat frequencies of pure sine waves that will entrain brainwaves to the alpha and theta state, where meditation and healing spontaneously occur, and get you up to speed with that Zen Monk people keep talking about. Includes 14 page instructional booklet. Total length: 60 min. This CD, however, contains a wider assortment of binaural beats and may be beneficial if you wish to expand your binaural beat — brainwave entrainment experience. There is no talking or music or subliminal message on this CD. You need to vary the frequency, to give your brain a varied, well-rounded exercise program, and to avoid becoming stagnated at any one frequency.

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Jul 25, Ruthann Wheeler rated it did not like it Ug, very dry. The idea of this book was very good. I believe we often do need to process our emotions instead of stamping them down. It was very descriptive and not entertaining. It was written like a text book. They can be found on his website www. Try his free relaxation download to see how his voice and technique feel to you. If the world is going to be a better place, we will all need to do our inner work with compassion, dedication and grace.

Ruskan offers us the opportunity to do just that. Placing your trust in the flow of life, you find yourself provided for. Acceptance of insecurity and uncertainty paradoxically brings about feelings of security and stability.

John Ruskan, Emotional Clearing This book is a light for the dark, difficult-to-deal-with parts of myself and my experience through life. The author clearly spells out how to use available tools such as breathing, yoga, meditation to work through disturbing or self defeating psychological states.

This book, like it says, comprehensively explores and utilizes both eastern and western philosophy to help the reader grow and move through emotional problems and limitations.


Emotional Clearing

I knew after having read the book that I would focus my passion on relaying this knowledge to as many people as possible. Combining Eastern and Western psychological principles, Emotional Clearing put together some pieces of the jigsaw that were missing from my ongoing puzzle of self-growth and inner work. It enabled me to communicate what I knew more clearly and succinctly. It also helped me uncover deeper emotional layers locked within me.

BS 7000-4 PDF

Book Review – Emotional Clearing – John Ruskan

Dara Bypassing emotional work is not an option. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Writings by John about common emotions and related topics and how the Emotional Clearing approach applies to them. To ask other readers questions about Emotional Clearingplease sign up. If you apply tapping as you follow the ECP protocol, you will have a much more successful result. I naturally started to use breath and body techniques that I had learned in my Yoga practice to facilitate Deep Relaxation, even incorporating Binaural Beat Technology to help induce Alpha. This corresponds to a quieting of left-brain, ego-based activity: Understand how chronic conditions represent major Karmic life clearing missions and how to handle them.


John Ruskan – Emotional Clearing – Alpha Journey

Have you been involved with intellectual Western psychotherapy that did not operate on the emotional level? Do you hunger for psychologically substantial in-depth information and super-effective guidance as you work on yourself? Are you trying to sort out all the possible options of the New Age? You apply this process either on your own, or with assistance in the form of pre-recorded guided sessions, or with a live Emotional Clearing Facilitator. You want to make the most out of this short time we have on the earth. You want to evolve.

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