Mojin By continuing to use this site, you certify that you have read and agree to abide by the Legal Terms of Use. Volume I was edited from a series of loose leaf manuals originally used by the author for shop training and is a literal compendium on M 45 Auto troubleshooting, repair, hand fitting, custom gunsmithing, and basic accurizing. Find all posts by cohland. National Ordnance frames were mostly G. The more than principle illustration drawings, exploded parts drawings, individual parts drawings, sectional illustrations, and general graphic illustrations in this manual were drawn in original ordnance style for authenticity by the author and Heritage — Kuhnhsusen staff artists. Many of the M parts being sold are very amnual quality castings.

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If you want to get intimate with the design, the book does a great job. Walt Kuleck is an excellent communicator and this comes through in his books. His style is casual and entertaining. I have his AR book and enjoyed it too. The first volume covering the is more a "care and feeding" guide.

The JK Manuals are a must, noting that not one source of information is conclusive. However, both volumes are a must for anyone wanting more information. Why would I say such a thing? Both the patents and patents, should be viewed by everyone interested in the In this thread Walt made reference to the patent and took the thumb safety features to heart. In the patent a feature to block the sear, as it does today, and to also lock the hammer, which it does not.

Walt contends, and in a protracted discussion, stated that the thumb safety in any correctly fitted , will indeed block both the sear and hammer. He so stated that in any he works on or has, he always removes the sear, Holds the hammer in the cocked position and engages the thumb safety.

He further stated that if the hammer fell after release he would not use it until it passed this test. I tactfully, or not, asked him how that was possible as that feature of the patent had never been implemented and his statements were false. He would not discuss this further and said I was uninformed, which I am in many ways, and that I should read the patent, which I had. He refused to further discuss his false and misleading information about this simple addition to the original design.

Also the patent included grips that key on so screws are not used, or needed. I pointed out that JMB was only wisely protecting as many variations in the design as he had, so they could be used, but had never been, in the issued , military or civilian. He disagreed, and restated that the thumb safety would block the hammer, without the sear.


Colt 1911 Workshop Manual - Jerry Kuhnhausen



Kuhnhausen vol 1 & 2 manuals....pdf


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