Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Give me your honest opinion. His attention was fixed on an object two floors below his study window. She had an uneasy feeling that he was brooding on the three large ice swans that were presently melting on the lawn of his austere garden. By now her staff had probably finished clearing away most of the evidence of the abruptly cancelled wedding reception. Fifteen pounds of cold tortellini salad, two hundred miniature asparagus tarts, three platters of herbed goat cheese, and a hundred and fifty spring rolls had no doubt been loaded back into the Right Touch Catering van.

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Shelves: light-suspense , children-involved , alpha-male , humorous-moments , cyber-crime , hero-troubled-childhood , geeky-hero , some-family-drama , opposites-attract , older-contemporary-romance Sam Stark met Desdemona Wainwright, for the first time, on the day he was dumped at the altar. His intended bride was the second woman to have done this to him in recent years.

You thought he would have learned from his mistakes. At thirty-four years of age, he was the head of his own computer security company, had built up a top-of-the-line clientele and was financially sound. He was better than financially sound; he had insisted that his fiancee sign a prenuptial agreement.

And that was the Sam Stark met Desdemona Wainwright, for the first time, on the day he was dumped at the altar. And that was the final crux. Stark was a brilliant man but he felt most at home when he was working at his computer. By himself. He was socially awkward. But he was not a beta male.

Krentz knows how to write a H as anyone but an alpha male. He had one close friend, another intelligent man that he met after college. She had been working with Pamela Bedford, the bride, with the understanding that the groom would pay for everything. She felt horrible for Stark after he was abandoned in the church but she needed to collect her remaining monies.

Considering what could have been a terrible day, Desdemona convinced Stark to come with her after the fiasco. They attended a theater production. Her siblings were involved with the play and they had coffee with everyone afterward. Something clicked. His best friend and VP told him that he needed someone to manage the commitments; he immediately thought of Desdemona.

When she came in to sign the contract something between the two of them clicked. Two more weeks went by before they met at the first event. Because he had poor people skills, Desdemona was hired as both caterer and his hostess. At the end of the evening, with everyone gone, Desdemona was getting ready to leave when Stark kissed her. Things were misconstrued and they almost had a moment of insta-lust.

Almost, Luli! She told him she would quit but he convinced her earnestly to give him another chance. She did. With the exception of the not-quite moment of lust I was going to DNF the romance but I noticed three trusted -no pun intended! I empathized with Stark. He had a first name but everyone, including the h, called him Stark. It matched his outward personality. His internal emotions illuminated and swirled but confused easily. His mind was his soul.

Desdemona balanced Stark. She was a bundle of common-sense with a flair towards the theatrical. I loved these two characters playing off each other.

And then there was the suspense which, surprisingly, was very good.


Trust No One

I think you can make her happy. He regarded Stark with a considering look. I was responsible. Let it go, Stark. Otherwise it will eat you alive. And if you allow it to do that, it will ruin your chance of happiness with Desdemona. I simply had not realized how dangerous Northstreet was.


Books by Series

I thought it was Hudson. Clifford Titus. A friend. I was with him tonight when Kyle and Jason disappeared. I got home and found a stupid note saying they were taking the bus to Seattle.





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