With a manhunt underway and her newfound happiness at risk, Neena is forced to face the painful memories of her past and decide her future. I finished the book, but it got harder to pick it up and read it the further I got into it. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Shelves: kindle-free-or-cheap-reads This review does contain some spoilers This book has the foundation for a good story but it missed several opportunities to pull me in emotionally. Neena has a very powerful story to tell. The problem is that she never really tells it. The reader gets the gist of it through bits and pieces of conversations that she has with other characters but we never hear her full story from her.

This is also one of those books This review does contain some spoilers This is also one of those books where unrealistic things magically happen that conveniently wrap up the story in a neat little package. She also meets a lawyer in town, a single father raising a young daughter, who also accepts her with no questions asked. Not only that, he marries her after a whirlwind romance. Her 10 yr old daughter, who was born in prison and then raised by her uncle, has never seen or known her real mother.

When she is reunited with her, the girl accepts her and even runs off with her to hide from the authorities. These people are a little too good to be true, in my opinion. Then there is also the notion of how a person who is wanted is able to live such a public life for so long without being caught. I can understand being able to hide out in a small town, but she is also in constant contact with her loved ones by cell phone and in person and she even goes out in public to dine.

I found it hard to believe that the authorities were not watching her brother and therefore would not have been led straight to her very quickly. I like the idea of redemption and love with no strings attached This was more like a fantasy.

Having said all of that, one thing that I think that the book does do well is suspense. The parts where she was on the run were suspenseful and very well written. Officially, she was dead, eaten by the gators. Unofficially, she ran into a family of angels.

The Torres family accepted her as a part of their own without asking any questions. In the small town, she meets Charlie and his daughter Cara, and soon they become a family. Life couldnt be more happier for Neena. But her happiness couldnt last forever. She has skeletons in the closet.

Ten years ago, she was ordinary girl in a reservation. Neena escaped from prison where she spent almost ten years. Until one day she was raped by someone who was member of a wealthy and influential family. She murdered her rapist, and sent to prison. There, she found out that she was pregnant. Now, her past is after her. Police is after her, reporters are after her, her nine years old daughter wants to meet her, the baby is on the way. She has to survive and fight for her life and happiness. Jailbird is a warm story for survival.

A story for hope, for family and friends. For people who stand by your side no matter what. Your friends and family are always there for you when you need them most. Neena was all alone in that wood. She found friends and a family when she needed them most. She fought her past, for her children, all three of them, for her family, for her right for happiness. There were also some humorous moments. Nine-year-olds are really smart. There were moments of laugh and joy, but also moment of fear, fear for the future, fear from the past.

I loved the narration of the story. Easy to read, floating. Characters were very well described. You can connect with everyone of them.

I loved Charlie, and Conrad, and Cara and Gabrielle. It was so easy to love them all. I will recommend this story for everyone.








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