Setting[ edit ] Chapters 1 to 6, an unnumbered epilogue chapter between chapters 10 and 11 , chapters 34 to 36, and chapter 44 take place in Chapters 7 to 10, 33, and 37 to 43 take place in Chapters 11 to 31 take place in Chapter 32 takes place in Plot[ edit ] Seventy-three-year-old Admiral William Riker is a bitter, lonely man in a slow downward spiral following the death forty years earlier of Deanna Troi, who died of undetermined causes during a peacekeeping conference with an enemy race, the Sindareen.

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Imzadi, was indeed a good read. I found that the back-cover of the book Prior to some thorough research alright, maybe minutes worth , I sought the reviews for the original Imzadi book which were mostly positive and thought, "Well, how bad could Imzadi II be?

Having possessed the research knowledge, I dove into the book immediately after receiving it in the mail and within the first 50 pages, I was hooked with Imzadi. My mouth was agape sporadically as things got heavy.

It all seemed to work in the end. It featured a multitude of appearances from Star Trek characters, and being versed enough in the ST universe, it was easy to read the characters as portrayed on the shows, as they seemed very true to character. Conceptually speaking, it seemed like a bit of a reach, but again the story worked itself out.

Throughout both stories, I found myself "sensing" the bigger plot and character developments. I struggled with preventing myself to over-analyze and predict the plots because I am a Star Trek fan "Stop asking why this is wrong and just dive in it," I says. I found that this method of prevention made things flow easier, especially for the both of the climaxes. Overall for both stories, the settings, character developments, and various tones throughout made both books very acceptable, and quite addicting.

The interview at the end of the book explained enough to expand the understanding of Imzadi II.


Star Trek: Imzadi Forever



Imzadi Forever (Star Trek)


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