Zuhn Currently, how to inherit traditional private line services during confivuration implementation of the all-IP network is a major concern of the carriers. The SCS board provides the sub-rate centralized cross function. Our customer include major national telecom carriers, as well as radio and television, electricity, mining and other industry professional network users; We have already established a long-term friendly and cooperative relations with them. The SRX board provides five V.

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The solutions can be used for the access of power distribution services, high-speed passengerdedicated railway services, and IP-based integrated services for large enterprises. Huawei has mature experience in commercially using the UA MSAN access solution in the enterprise information technology IT application area, aiming to build safe and reliable, energy-saving, easy operation and maintenance, and future-oriented information networks for IT Service.

Safe and reliable carrier-class device, flexible networking, building safe networks for enterprises 1. The key resources such as the digital signal processor DSP support the load sharing working mode. Multiple detection and protection solutions for upstream service transmission ensure safe and reliable services. The UA has powerful disaster recovery capabilities by supporting features such as auto-switching, dual-homing, upstream link, and emergency channel.

SHDSL-based twisted pair networks. Mature integrated platform for commercial use, smooth network evolution, quickening broadband service application process for enterprises 1. The UA provides ports for broadband services such as x digital subscriber line xDSL and gigabit Ethernet GE , greatly improving the bandwidth of users and achieving high-speed interconnection among enterprises.

The UA provides a fast data transmission tool, an auto dialup tool, a lines connectivity test tool and accurate port migration solutions. The UA supports high-density line boards, doubling the user access density, requiring less equipment room space, and reducing site deployment costs. The MELT function supports concurrent testing for 64 lines, to improve the testing efficiency. All-weather series products to accommodate different network deployment requirements 1.

A series of UA products with different specifications are available to meet different capacity requirements.


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