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Sign in to create or edit a product review. More and more useful! Majuba — Jan 14, , pm At first I got these cards as something of a lark - just to see the art, and maybe use on some special occasion. Now I hand out just about all magic item item treasure as an item card and masterwork items early on too. While particularly useful combined with the item packs for the Pathfinder Adventure Paths, these packs contain enough cards to do the job for most items in most games, homebrew or not.

I have found added benefit for my players by a little extra planning using pre-made adventures. I look over the module for any specific equipment or treasure, and place those related cards in a binder for reference. I also gave my 1st level PCs a simple folder with a customized character sheet, graph paper, and a plastic card sheet for up to nine cards and one class or race specific item card as a nifty bonus to introduce them to my treasure allotment scheme.

It has been a very fruitful experience. However, in practice this required so many cards in such variety that I quickly returned to my old index-card based system. One side of the card has a decient picture. On the back there is a physical description of the item on the front. Thats it. No game stats for quick reference. There is a small space for notes.


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Each category also has a unique icon to further aid you, but as these icons are located in the upper right-hand corner of the card, they are essentially useless for anyone but a left-handed person. Is it a wand of petrification? Will the living wood slowly turn to stone as its charges are used up? One assumes a living-wood wand would be made by elves, but then why is stone a factor; was it a curse? Sure, none of this helps you blow up kobolds, but it makes for an intriguing story, and may even be a plot hook in itself. The cards are intended to be disposable. However, you also should not use wet- or dry-erase markers.


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Shaktijind It would work better, if the cards could be erased and re-used laminating them might work, if you have that option? Basically, this is a gamemasgery of completely blank item cards. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Jade Regent Paizo Staff.

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