The dancing was as great as ever. A student of Aram Khachaturian The Saber Dance , Rybnikov has a hundred or so film scores to his credit and is a pleasing enough writer, but the music here had no memorable tunes or galvanizing moments. The relentlessly somber libretto is what pulls you down. Emelianov danced brilliantly as the tragic hero, and Pavlova had some remarkable moments in their love duet, but the ballet stayed in the shadows and refused to come out. There was a communication problem, too, with the taped music sung in Russian.

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REN Oh, no Youre in my mind, twenty-four hours a day. REN Just a church goin gal with some bad-ass red cowboy boots. SHAW I do indeed. I wouldnt let him kiss my ass! Chucks gonna lose it.

LULU Thats because everything you do makes people suspicious. VI And the more you object, the more intrigued shes going to be. He starts to go. He turns, snapping his fingers. Afraid of failure, Ren wants to quit his campaign for a dance, but Willard and his Buddies have to persuade him not to; Mama Says is their recruitment, song in which they must convince Ren that he cant back down! VI Yes, you do. Wendy Jo, isnt he cute?

And one, two I cant hear you! Now, dont the rest of you have a curfew? When these transitions are smooth, the characters can continue at a conversational clip as they slip easily into their numbers. Moore is a smart man who depends on logic to provide him with a compass by which he can steer his life and the lives of his parishioners; but in Heaven Help Me, Rev. I just wanted to say a few words, cuz I think this idea scares a lot of people.

Isnt it, Wendy Jo? Alls were sayin is: Watch that attitude, boy. Vi Moore his wife 5. What do you mean, Someday?

Let them praise his Name in the dance? Ren and Ariel Scene 5: It is an awful moment. I could never do what you guys do around here. There is a motion on the floor to repeal local ordinance four-sixteen. We met after church? REN Starts back to the dance floor. SHAW gives him a withering look.

You know theres a law! Rens emotional journey starts with his being feisty and flippant in Act I, continues through his thoughtful argument to the Town Council and ends with his emotional final confrontation with Rev. Youre not helping things.

CHUCK, humiliated, has no graceful way out. A Chicago transplant with all the charm and sophistication that comes from living in a bustling metropolis. Footloose Script Word But Im just trying to move on. They danced so their crops would be plentiful or so that their hunt would be good. Unfolds a piece of paper, clears his throat, reads: REN Any actor playing Ren has not only got to be able to sing and dance and act he must also be witty. VI Did I scare you? What am I going to do with you? Could you excuse me a minute?

BOY 2 You said it! And Ariel, I would encourage you to stay away from this guy. And I thought, Arent we the song that we sing? General reaction; REN tries to calm the mob.

Mama librstto I can have one beer or one cigarette, but if Footpoose have both I should never come home again. SHAW Well, you seem to have librettto that.

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Footloose Libretto.pdf

Footloose review Footloose Review - Broadway musical This show gave several tours in the UK, although many musicals were limited to only 1 or 2. There were as many as 3, and then a year-old anniversary, the jubilee US tour was given the composition of actors was following: J. Blim, E. Keiser, K. Proctor, L. Luppino, S. Barnes, G.


Eventi Roma: Georgie il musical al Teatro Artemisio di Velletri






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