She discovered the great difference between praying to God and experiencing God through prayer. She shares secrets of this higher plane of fellowship with God. You will discover the joy of a quiet heart and mind, learn how to survive your "dry" periods of prayer, and become content where God has placed you. The sparkling gems of truth in this book were never meant to be read and put back on the bookshelf. They will compel you to share them with the world. Being contemplative refers to what is sacredly obscure or secret, something that is remote from human comprehension.

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If we know how much God loves us, we would not become discouraged in pursuit. Your own experience will convince you more than description and explanation. When you have enjoyed God and the sweetness of His love you will find it hard to set your affections on anything else but Him.

Chapter 1 — Thirsty Heart. You must learn to pray from your heart and not your head. The mind is so limited in its operation that it can only focus on one object at a time. Prayer offered from the heart cannot be interrupted by reason. Nothing can interrupt this type of prayer. When you have enjoyed God and the sweetness of His love, you will find it impossible to set your affections on anything other than Him.

There must be a hungry heart, willing to yield before it can receive. God desires to give His presence. Chapter 2 — Scriptural Meditation — Take a small portion of Scripture and allow that passage to be digested before going on to the nest.

Draw fro it its fullest meaning — try to relate it to other similar Scripture — memorize it. Just as in physical food, you receive no nourishment until you chew and swallow. Learn to pray the word; this will keep you from distractions. Teach your people by an act of profound adoration before God, how to find Him in prayer.

Chapter 4 — The Reward of Silence — After you have been meditating in the Word and praying it out to God for some time — you will gradually find how easy it is to come into His presence — You will remember other scriptures.

Begin to use your faith and courage without being disturbed at the difficulties you may encounter — as soon as you come into the presence of God, remain in respectful silence. Simply enjoy God. When you feel a release you may proceed in prayer — however there remains a tender tug at your spirit — simply stay quiet — cease all activity.

Seek nothing from God during these quiet moments except to love Him and please Him. It may be to around you even more — for whatever reason, e does so out of His abundant goodness and faithfulness.

During these seasons you may being to believe the way to provide your faith is by a greater degree of affection or an exertion of strength and activity — no dear soul, this is not the way. You must await the return of the Beloved with patient love, humility, peace and silent worship. But doing these things you demonstrate to the Father that it is Himself alone and His good pleasure that you seek and not the selfish delights of your own satisfaction.

In doing so, your prayer life will increase and be renewed. In abandonment and contentment, learn to wait for the return of your Beloved, intermingle your waiting with sighs of love.

I want you to being to learn how to abandon yourself — your entire existence to God. Knowing and understanding this conviction of abandonment will cause you to regard everything that comes your way. Remain steadfast - Romans 4v18; Matt , Proverbs 3v6; Ps 37v5 You must give up both the external and internal things — all of your concerns must be placed into the hands of God — forget yourself — think only of Him — in doing so, your heart will remain free and at peace.

Devote the present to God. Chapter 7 — The Bitter and the Sweet. Be patient during suffering. You will not find consolation in anything other than the love of the cross and total abandonment. If you will not savor the cross, you cannot savor the things of God Matt Prov 27v7 — the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

You end up hungering for God in the same proportion as your soul is hungering for the cross. God gives us the cross, and the cross gives us God.

As soon as anything is presented to you in the form of suffering and you begin to feel resistance in your spirit, resign yourself immediately to God.

Give yourself and your circumstances to Him. Then when the cross arrives it will not be so burdensome. Wait for God to reveal truth to you. Allow Him to animate us with life. Abandonment is the means God uses to reveal His mysteries to us. As you abandon you have no choice but to reach after Him, dwell in Him, and sink into nothingness before Him — God may take some of you aside for years at a time to reveal the enjoyment of one single mystery.

Walk then in the light He has given you. If God chooses to withdraw this illumination from you — be just as willing to yield it back to Him.

Some feel incapable at first of meditating on the mysteries God reveals to you in His Word. Chapter 8 — Transforming Love - If you love someone you only wants what is best — love is manifested in your life as a result of your closeness to God for He is all love. When God comes to live in us He brings all of His virtues. If divine love glows within you, you will not try to flee suffering and adversity. You will think of only how to please your Beloved in that circumstance. Forget yourself and your own personal ambitions.

Let your love for God increase — in doing so you will learn to love the Creator more than the created. Chapter 9 — see photocopy - Put off the Old - You will be warring against your own flesh nature as long as you live. It is almost impossible to acquire total death to your senses and passions.

Your senses stimulate your passions. A dead body has no sensations and desires nothing. All attempts to correct the external only drives the soul into more furious activity. Rather than overcome the problems of the old nature, a flurry of activity only seems to cause fragmented lives and redirected into harsh feelings about yourself. Harshness and denial of pleasures may only serve to weaken your body rather than dull or eliminate your sensual activity.

The only genuine means of brining about change is inward means. Commit yourself wholly into hands of loving God — the nearer your spirit draws to God the further you become separated from soulish demands. Place your focus on getting to know God and abandon all to God to be perfected — our responsibility to remain steadfast in attention to God.

Your imagination will continually supply you with danger of falling in excess activity of dying to self. But God will teach you to only follow His promptings — rewards are great — you will find yourself constantly relying on God. Chapter 10 — The Central Force — conversion is nothing more than turning from yourself in order to return to God. It has nothing to do with the outward nature of good works. Conversion takes place within the spirit of a man. Once you have made a decision to know God, you will find that God has placed a desire tin your heart to continually draw nearer to Him — the closer you grow the stronger the desire becomes.

It is only by divine grace that we are able to know God. You must never presume that it is by your own efforts — John 15v Turn from the world and continue firmly in your walk 2 with Him God is our center. The more peaceful and trusting your remain, the more rapidly you will advance because self-energy will not obstruct you.

Direct your attention toward God. Chapter 11 — Entering into Effortless Prayer. Are you gradually sensing God more and more as you kneel in prayer? Even from their want of learning, they submit more freely to the teachings of the Divine Spirit: whereas others, who are blinded by self-sufficiency and enslaved by prejudice, give great resistance to the operations of Grace. Forget about yourself and all your household and interests — simply listen and be attentive to God — this will permit God to communicate His love to you.

Being internally occupied with God is incompatible with being externally busied by a thousand trivialities. Repeat the process of become internally quiet as often as distractions occur. Chapter 13 — Examine Yourself. Self examination should precede confession — however do not depend on your own scrutiny rather on God for the discovery and knowledge of our sins.

This examination should be peaceful and tranquil. When we examine ourselves with effort, we can easily be deceived and betrayed because self-love can lead us into error.

When we lie in full exposure before Jesus, His divine beams render the smallest atoms visible. Abandon yourself, then, in examination as well as confession, to God. When you are accustomed to this type of surrender, you will find that as soon as a fault is committed, God will rebuke it through an inward burning.

He allows no evil to be conceals. You are not to have the job of examining yourself — but rather abandon to God. This examination, however, should be peaceful and tranquil, and we should depend on God for the discovery and knowledge of our sins, rather than, on the diligence of our own scrutiny. When we examine with constraint, and in the strength of our own endeavors, we are easily deceived and betrayed by self-love into error; "we believe the evil good, and the good evil" Isa.

It follows from hence that we must forsake self, and abandon our souls to God as well in examination as Confession. When you being to give an account for your sins, instead of the regret and contrition you have been accustomed to feel, you will not being to experience tranquility, and love will take possession of your spirit.

If you are not properly instructed you will resist this experience because you have up to this time, been taught that contrition is required of you. Chapter 14 — Distractions. It only increases their intensity and draws you away from your sole purpose of seeking God. Simply turn away from the evil and draw near to God. If in our weakness we attempt to attack the enemies of our soul, we will find ourselves wounded.


Experiencing God Through Prayer

Jujind Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Aug 13, All our care should therefore be directed towards acquiring the greatest degree of inward recollection; nor should we epxeriencing discouraged by the difficulties we encounter in this exercise, trough will soon be recompensed on the part of God, by such abundant supplies of grace, as will render it perfectly easy, provided we are faithful in meekly withdrawing our hearts from outward distractions and occupations, and returning to our centre, with affections full of tenderness and serenity. What is it you fear? But I say, that mortification should not be our principal exercise; nor should we prescribe to ourselves such and such austerities, but simply following the internal attractions of grace, and being occupied with the divine presence, without thinking particularly on mortification, God will enable us to througj every species of it. Experiencing God Through Prayer by Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon As He becomes the incessant examiner of the soul, it can now no longer examine itself; and if it be faithful in its abandonment, experience will prove that it is much more effectually explored by his guton light, than by all its own carefulness. God purifies the soul by his Praayer, as refiners do metals in the furnace. I T will be objected, that, huyon this method, we shall have no mysteries imprinted on our minds; but so far is this from being the case, that it is the peculiar means of imparting them to the soul. When by an act of lively faith, you are placed in the presence of God, read some truth wherein there is substance; pause gently thereon, not to employ the reason, but merely to fix the mind; observing that the principal exercise should ever be the presence of God, and that the subject, therefore, should rather serve to stay the mind, than exercise it in reasoning.




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