This SmartFade accessory is a 19 rack mount bracket that is compatible with SmartFade and …. Take it to a gig or make it your back-up board in a DMX system. Description Warranty Information Way more than a two-scene preset board. The Picture King is a high-quality tripod screen that can smsrtfade daily usage. With simple access to control channels via individual faders, this console suits larger venues that need simple two-scene or single scene operation. A compact console with serious power under the hood.

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Page 7: Help From Etc Technical Services If you are having difficulties, your most convenient resources are the references given in this user manual. To search more widely, try the ETC Web site at www. If none of these resources is sufficient, contact ETC Technical Services directly at one of the offices identified below.

Page 8: Power-up And Shutdown Procedures Power-up and Shutdown Procedures SmartFade uses the power button not only for power-up and power-down, but also to access the operating mode selection menu. P o w e r - u p P r o c e d u r e The startup process will run once the console is powered up. The console must be off before changing the mode. Set the operating mode: Step 1: With the console off, press and hold the power button [ Since your SmartFade has either 48 or 96 channels available, there are many more DMX values available than console channels to apply them to.

This is why your Page Crossfade Timing Independent 1 and 2 provide two output channels that are separate from the effect of all other controls on the console.

They are intended to operate devices such as smoke machines, tab tracks, cue lights, etc. IND 1 and 2 are always either full on or full off. This is useful if you find you are frequently using times other than 5. Diagnostics Allows you to display the software version that your SmartFade is currently running. Display Allows you to adjust the brightness or contrast of the LCD window. There are many functions such as saving and erase functions which are relatively easy to perform and may not be detailed in this manual.

Navigating to the function in the menu is typically all that is required. Page Normal Operation [] [] and [] on the and Faders or may operate either sequences or memories. Page Single Scene Operation up or down. Step 7: Repeat steps as needed to play back each look in your show.

SmartFade v1. Page Ind 1 And Ind 2 Independent 1 and 2 provide two output channels that are separate from the effect of all other controls. Page Clear Memories can be played back using the memory faders and bump buttons on the SmartFade and on the SmartFade or , or in a cue stack or sequence.

Sequences, page There are 12 pages of memories available, for a total of memories on the SmartFade or and memories on the SmartFade Page 23 Select a memory page: Press and hold the [MEMS] button, then press the bump button corresponding to the page you want to load.

Pressing MEMS twice in rapid succession will automatically select page 1.





Discontinued - ETC Smartfade 1248 Light Board


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