Yet, we possess this same natural ability. What happens if you combine a modern human with an active, magnetic sensory? They display skills and abilities that seem, at times, superhuman. There are more than pages, packed with in-depth knowledge and effective techniques you can easily apply. Igniting the Sixth Sense — Sneak Peak Get a sneak peak into the book and begin discovering how to use your sixth sense right now. This book is the launching pad.

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Select Page About the author: Eric Pepin Eric Pepin is a philosopher, teacher and author dedicated to helping others achieve psychic and metaphysical experiences for themselves. He spent his childhood reflecting on the workings of the Universe, investigating paranormal activity and utilizing his sixth sensory abilities to give readings to family and friends.

By the time he was 15 years old, he was a sought after psychic, but more importantly, had begun teaching his friends to have similar experiences and abilities. After 20 years of offering training and coaching to friends, he founded the Higher Balance Institute in with the mission: To awaken one mind at a time.

Through Higher Balance, Eric Pepin has been able to offer knowledge and support to people around the world. In , he published his first Amazon best-seller, The Handbook of the Navigator. He later published six additional books on spirituality, including his most recent book, Prescient Visions , all of which became best-sellers on Amazon. During this time, he also developed and released more than audio and video courses covering nearly every spiritual topic imaginable from the construction of the universe to manifestation to remote viewing to healing.

As a pioneer in the field of spirituality, he has never forgotten that his own journey to awakening was based on his own personal experiences and reflections with paranormal and psychic activity. Eric Pepin focuses on reminding students that while he can, and does, provide cutting-edge knowledge, what is truly important is to focus on what individuals can experience for themselves.

Whether someone is new to the metaphysical world or has been studying in another school for 30 years, Eric has a strong track record of helping students achieve tangible experiences in only days or weeks.

Focused on helping his students advance, Eric Pepin continues to evolve his teaching to adapt to modern technology and the demands his students face in their day-to-day lives. A firm believer that one does not have to isolate oneself to achieve spiritual connection, he recently launched the Higher Balance Collegiate Program offering both recorded classes and personal coaching with this purpose in mind.

After growing Higher Balance from the ground up, Eric Pepin used his skills and experience to help students not only achieve great spiritual experiences, but also have success in their career and business. He also continues to speak at Higher Balance events throughout the United States and locations around the world including India, Paris and Mexico.


About the author: Eric Pepin







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