All models discontinued in June, Along with the Elan Series introduced a year later in , both of these series have turned out and proven to be immensely popular EOS models. The Rebel, in particular has a compact, lightweight weighs merely g with battery , highly affordable and features-laden body. One of the many innovative feature is its 10 iconized pictorial symbols on the control dial to set various operational modes, these serve as easy reference even to photographic beginners. This unusual method of conversion can transform the camera from an all programmed auto body to offer some form of manual control over shutter speeds.

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Breaking compatibility with the earlier FD mount , it was designed with no mechanical linkages between moving parts in the lens and in the camera. The aperture and focus are controlled via electrical contacts, with motors in the lens itself. It is a large lens mount compared to most of its competition, enabling the use of larger aperture lenses.

The basic EOS flash system was actually developed not for the first EOS camera, but rather for the last high-end FD-mount manual-focus camera, the T90 , launched in This was the first Canon camera with through-the-lens TTL flash metering, although other brands had been metering that way for some time.

This system was carried over into the early EOS cameras wholesale. This used a pre-flash for advanced metering, and used the autofocus system to judge where the main subject was for more accurate exposure. Canon Speedlite -brand flashes have evolved alongside the cameras. They are capable of wired and wireless multi-flash setups, the latter using visible or infrared pulses to synchronise. Later models, including RT in their model name, can also communicate via radio links, where up to 16 units can make up a network.

Canon also produces Speedlite accessories, including the OC-E3 Off-Camera Shoe Cord, which can be used to hand-hold the flash while allowing the camera to control it through the cord. The Off-Camera Shoe Cord is popular among portrait photographers who need to have more control over lighting than a camera mounted flash can offer.

It came with all the automatic and manual exposure functions but lacked autofocus. ECF was especially useful in sports photography where the subject may shift its position in the frame rapidly. Canon did not continue its use of eye-controlled focusing in its digital SLRs.

This feature allows easy adjustment of certain parameters using the thumb. The QCD is used for quick access to often-used functions that would otherwise require a more complicated procedure of button presses and dial clicks. A QCD is programmed to perform useful functions, which may include setting exposure compensation, setting of aperture in manual exposure mode, and scrolling of images and menus in digital EOS cameras.

Multi-point autofocus system[ edit ] Currently, top-line EOS cameras have either 61 or 65 user-selectable autofocus AF points. Autofocus most often chooses the closest image in the field of view to focus on. A higher number of AF points increases the chances of a sharply focused photograph in situations where the subject travels across the frame at high speeds e.

The camera generally focuses on the closest object or on human faces, which may not be what the photographer wants, so EOS cameras equipped with a multi-point AF system still allow the photographer to manually select an AF point.

The EOS 7D, released in , has a point AF layout, fitting essentially within the same diamond-shaped area of the frame as the nine-point layout. All 65 points of the 7D MkII are cross-type, but only the center point is dual-cross-type. Similarly, as of [update] , all AF points on later generations of the X0D series beginning with the 40D and continuing through the current 80D are cross-type sensors for higher accuracy, and the center sensor is dual-cross-type for even greater accuracy and sensitivity.

Naming scheme[ edit ] Identical Canon models are sometimes marketed under different names in different parts of the world. Target market segment.


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