Bedienungsanleitung Vor Inbetriebnahme bitte aufmerksam lesen. Gebruiksaanwijzing Voor het gebruik aandachtig lezen. I Contact Head. Insert tools into holster. Clip hose bracket into front of When vacuuming, the tool holster can be stored in the Contact head or Turbine head into the wand.

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You can use here a nice brush bar. I have tried our best to give you easy solutions. So, what do you think, is this guideline effective for you? I think you are happy with this guideline, do not you? Ha Ha. Look at the canister of your Dyson DC You can either see it dirty or clean. Never use water. You just clean the dust by using your hand or you can use a brush or cloth. You have to match this little button. At first, you have to unplugged the Dyson power cord.

Then you have turned around the bottom side of the brushbar and check out dirt. If you find dirt must be cleaned all dirt. Brushbar upper part you have a red retaining ring. If there is dirt clean it. So this is very important to clean your Dyson brushbar properly. Please clean all the dirt of the brush. Now you have to put everything back together carefully, you have to need carefully attach your Dyson brushbar.

There is a middle of the Dyson you have found plastic notch like attachment part you just need attach your two brushbars properly there. You can attach your brushbar easily. Now attach your second brushbar on the other side of the plastic notch. Then you have to attach the baseplate, before attaching the baseplate you have to clean it a little bit.

Lineup baseplate correctly with beater bar slot and attach it. Then hold it tightly and lock the knobs properly. Put on the retaining ring. There is an electrical phase, attach the phase completely. Then attach it with Dyson ball tightly.

Here we have discussed your Dyson DC65 loss suction power. There are 3 things you have to observe to get your Dyson DC65 suction power. These are the 2 filters and the beater bar.

One filter is canister and another filter is located on the ball. You have to clean these 2 filters and beater bar to increase your suction power. First, you have to clean the canister filter There is a little blue knob to open the canister filter. You just lift up the knob to open it. There is a filter inside the canister, you just need to pull it out.

If there is any dirt you found on the filter, you have just need to wash it. When you cleaned up the filter with water let it dry for 24 hours. Secondly cleaned up the Dyson ball filter You have just laid the Dyson.

There is a blue knob you have just turn it counterclockwise and take it off. When you open it, there is another filter? You just turn it counterclockwise and take it off. Take out the filter and wash it with water and let it dry for 24 hours. After cleaning it with water just put it back on your Dyson ball, turn it clockwise for attachment. Attach the filter properly and close it with the Dyson ball globe.


Dyson DC65 Troubleshooting Guideline and Manual

The Motorhead was particularly popular in Australia. Despite the DC05 being a rather elderly vacuum cleaner in the UK today, untold thousands still exist. They were a quite capable machine and remain so now. They are worth fixing. We are now seeing many of these Panasonic motors failing. But, before you throw that old Dyson DC05 in the bin, there is another way to solve this problem even in Australia.


Dyson DC05 User Manual



Dyson DC05 Vacuum Cleaner


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