Bajas For the American sociologist, see Howard W. Alexander Bogdanov Russell L. Ecological Engineerin g, 5, p. This was the professional society that earlier was named the International Society for General Systems Research. Howard T. Odum Efficienc and sustainability indicators for passenger and commodities transportation systems.

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Sin embargo, otro de sus objetivos era hacer generalizaciones predictivas sobre los ecosistemas, como el mundo entero, por ejemplo. Para Odum, como una entidad grande, el mundo constituye un ciclo circular con alta estabilidad. De lo contrario, el circuito se invierte. Los organismos superiores como los peces son diodos.

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Moogull It was the first center of its kind in the world that is still in operation today. ABSTRACT Ternary diagrams are presented as graphic tools to assist environmental accounting and environmental decision-making based on emergy analysis. Environmental technologies and competitive diagfama. Emergy and Environmental Decision Making. Na Figura 7b apresenta-se outra possibilidade da ferramenta: Circuit diagrams were skillfully used to illustrate the dependence of agricultural ecosystems and industrial societies upon fossil fuel subsidies Plenum Press, New York.




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