Clan Raukaan Space Marines. The timing is perfect, however, and laughter cuts the tension. Xenotech Now its official. Warhammer 40, 4th Edition Rulebook. They sent a Vindicare to take care of him, but his rosarius protected him from the shot. A quick and cheap way of adding a incinerator to a squad.

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As many of you know, I play demonhunters — pure, foot-based grey knights, to be more specific. Easily the weakest of the current books, codex: Daemonhunters is a terrible piece of misery and broken promises, given to us far, far, back, during the hallowed days of This is why sisters are now part of the inquisition — as opposed to the imperial church, like it should.

Few in number are the grey knights. Your basic dude has power armor, stormbolter, and a nemesis weapon. Nemesis is a one-handed combat implement, infusing the wielder with psychic might and grace, thus striking at strength 6. Why are you complaining!? Yeah, not so good anymore. So, yes, you have acceptable combat ability — in theory. Reality is, your army is extremely weak in combat. Ragardless of what you do, grey knights still suck in combat. In fact, so expensive are the unuts, that four knights and a sarge charge you enough points to buy 25 ork boyz.

Emprah have mercy. Well, can you shoot, then? Stay at 24 range, shoot, shoot, shoot. Something draws near? Move away, and shoot, shoot, shoot some more. They bring the linked las, the flamer templates, a hunter-killer missile, and are costed like 3rd edotion dreads — in other words, cheap.

You have a love-hate relationship with terminators, for reasons that shall soon be explained. This leads to you taking 3-manz, outfitted with psycannons for the sarge, and one of his buddies. Fast attack? Grandmasters and brother-captains terminator sarges are both useful. You can only take one. This is your anti-tank. This is all your anti-tank! Boss and buddies, with a total of 2 psycannons between them. Two cannons total, and same job as the boss.

For troops, you have two 5-manz units of knight on foot, with two cannons per squad. This is your army. These are the grey knights, finest force in the galaxy, and beyond. You could put it on anyone if you want. To what Sept who knows?



So you can use allies if you want to, but we took them out, but you can do whatever you want if you want to? Indy GT wins again! Actually, they answered everything. Current codices are just as valid as they were a month ago.


Last of daemonhunterrs, she has runes of codwx. GW have recently made both the Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters Codexes available to download for free from their site although you must sign in or register if not already registered. Or do its origins owe more to alien influence? The book introduces four Grey Knights current greatest heroes. He has millenia to perfect the art of war, and for some magical reason some short-lived monkeys have higher skill values than even daemonhunter Phoenix Lord. Did you really, really think the Grey Knights are the most powerfull beings Imperium has? Warhammer 40, 3rd Edition Box Set.





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