Net 4. There have been many improvements to the naming conventions of properties and classes. Added the ability to Generate GetByKey search criteria. This is controlled by setting Configuration. MethodKeySuffix to a string value. In the article below we will talk about the templates and show off the new features.

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Does not include a GUI client. These applications can make use of the full power of the Generator engine in a programmatic fashion. You will be able to distribute the Generator assemblies with your application and include a runtime SDK license either in your application folder or shared license folder.

Instructions on integrating the SDK can be viewed here. Please contact Sales for SDK restrictions and pricing. Enterprise Products Enterprise licensing for CodeSmith Generator is available for large companies who want to give all of the developers access to the Generator. For a complete feature chart that describes the differences between professional and standard, please view our features section. For customers without Premier Support, the upgrade fees are as follows: Generator 6.

Major versions of CodeSmith Generator always include bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new features. Keeping your copy of the Generator updated always ensures you will be getting the fastest, most reliable, and feature complete experience that we have to offer.

Using the latest version also enables our support team to assist you with any problems that you may experience more quickly. Also, some of the official Generator Frameworks require the latest version of the Generator. This means that keeping up to date with the Generator allows you to stay up to date with your templates, and provides you with access to their fixes and enhancements as well.

Upgrade Today! Please use this as a guide to determine which version is most suitable for your needs. So if you are familiar with ASP. NET then you should be able to quickly learn the template syntax. Execute Custom Templates Create your own templates and execute them. Extensible Metadata Generate from any data source.

Sub Template Support Save time by putting common code in a sub template. Useful Sample Templates Sample templates that show you how easy it is to create your custom templates. Console Client The console client allows you to easily automate your code generation process and can execute templates one at a time or in batches. Template Explorer Client Explorer Client allows for quick generation of a template.

Template Editor A Visual Studio Integrated editor that allows you to quickly create or edit a template. It features IntelliSense and many other features.

Template IntelliSense Generator template editor includes statement completion for your custom templates. Generator Map Support Reduces the amount of plumbing code in their templates and increase the readability and re usability at the same time. Maps provide a named dictionary like semantic to template development. Template Caching Caches the compiled templates which cuts down on the time it takes to generate.

Template Debugging Generator makes it easy to debug your templates by providing the template developer with the line number in the template where the problem occurred. MSBuild Support Generate your templates during your build process. ActiveSnippet Support Imagine Visual Studio snippets, but with the full power of Generator available to execute any logic or access any complex metadata including database schema and xml data to control the output of your snippets.


CodeSmith Generator Documentation

It uses a syntax very similar to ASP. Getting Started All templates must include a CodeTemplate directive like this one. Here we tell CodeSmith that we plan to use C as our template language, we plan to generate code for the T-SQL language and we also provide a description for what the template does. The TargetLanguage attribute is also used to syntax highlight the static content in a template in CodeSmith Studio. And finally, the Description attribute allows us to provide a brief description of the template that will be shown in CodeSmith Explorer. In order to be able to generate code based on a database table, the template must somehow know about this table. CodeSmith allows us to provide this contextual information to the template by specifying Property directives.


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As you can see, the code between the tokens is simply just C. CodeSmith does not know anything about Schema Explorer, so we must instruct our template on how to find the SchemaExplorer. For each bit of information you want to collect from the user, you need to add a property directive. Obviously this is just scratching the surface and I hope to expand on this post in later articles. Now, in my code file I can see the property directive appear in my intellisense when typing the codrsmith of the property directive. One thing that they suggest when creating a new template which make total sense is to start with the end result.

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