Player directed sourcebook for Seemings and Kiths Strategic Publications Winter Masques is a player-centered book for the first pages or so. Then it takes a strange swerve in the final third, presenting information of more use to a GM. Unlike Werewolf, Mage and Vampire, White Wolf planned only for a core rulebook and then five supplements for the game. In the end they added three more, plus a substantial electronic supplement.

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Virisar Most of the second-hand items you see online have been donated, by supporters like you, to our high street stores.

Mark Stone rated it really liked it Oct 26, These would have been then bloated with bad fiction, new abilities and GM material like NPC descriptions and stats. Eric rated it liked it Nov 29, Katie Kline rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Cookies on oxfam We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website. They can add a lot of diversity and depth to a game, either as the main freehold, or as an alternative to a seasonal freehold.

A Changeling chanheling Lost Review. That may be the Achilles heel of games which focus on narrative over mechanics— with mechanics oriented books you can reasonably expect every player to have to buy a copy.

The Oxfam Book Shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh has long been a city favourite, with an excellent range of quality second hand titles and also a team of enthusiasts change,ing love and understand books. It also gives information on dual kiths, cultural kiths and creatig your own kith. Read full returns policy. Finally each section provides a new contract set which is of affinity to that Seeming. Julie rated it liked it Dec 31, Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc.

Here we have good books, but certainly not things which will have to be pulled out every session. This section provides some insight on how classical creatures of legend fit into the various Seemings and about the different landscapes of the Changelig, with an emphasis on foreign views. Trivia About Winter Masques. Masquerades in the Snow Legion are we, a thousand different faces all reflected in your dreams. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. They masquds nothing themselves but instead take those ideas and make their realms of them.

Explore Seasonal sale Gift guide View the whole range. Oxfam Bookshop Raeburn Place. Splatbooks do still occur in other NwoD line books, but now in hardcover. Tim rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Basically this section considers Changelings, Freeholds and Courts as they might appear internationally. White Wolf Entertainment AB. Oxfam GB is a member of Oxfam International. Most of this second section breaks down again by Seeming.

Also quite exciting is the inclusion of the directional courts. Product description Winter Amsques Changeling: We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience on our website. Related Posts


Winter Masques

Grows vegetables Fills classrooms Drills wells Empowers women Fights poverty. The Lost supplement, Winter Masques. Preview — Winter Masques by Dawn Elliott. The core book spends some time defining these types but this book digs deeper into those and presents some new options.






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