Composition[ edit ] Al-Busiri narrated the circumstances of his inspiration to write the Burdah I began to contemplate writing a poem in the qasida form, and soon after, I did so as a way of interceding by it with the Messenger of God to God, the Exalted, hoping that he might heal me. I was repeating it often, singing it, calling upon God through it, and seeking intercession with it. During that time, while sleeping, I saw the Prophet, upon him and his family be prayers and peace. He wiped over my face with his blessed hand and thrust upon me his cloak.

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Can we continue reading and reciting it as we have been taught by the scholars that we know? It is a model of true and excellent praise for the Prophet, which contains the rarest pearls and lessons on the etiquette of humility and respect before the Elect One of creation and the Beloved of the Lord of the worlds.

This poem was taught, copied, distributed, recited, transcribed on mosque walls, memorized, commented on, studied, and considered required reading by countless scholars, including the hadith masters Sakhawi and Suyuti, and their students. Hafiz Abu Shama wrote a commentary on it that is yet unpublished. Such praise, glorification, and treating with dignity is praise for the entire Religion; and its removal is the end of the Religion.

By not giving such respect to the Prophet, all religion comes to an end. I have not been upright. What value have my words to you: Be upright? I did not pray or fast beyond what is obligatory. Verily, necessity has no sway over those made immune by Allah; None is more truthful in saying No or Yes. Those who take hold of him have grasped a rope that shall never break. None of them approaches his knowledge or generosity.

The essence of his beauty was made indivisible. You will not see any near him or far, except it makes them bewildered, Blessed is he that breathes its scent and kisses it. Far be it from him that the seeker of refuge return from his presence discomfited. Do not despair because of a terrible footslip. Grave sins, under the covering of forgiveness, are as small ones. Do not let my hope be reversed in Your presence, and let not my account be deemed deficient,


Burda with Malayalam Translation

Hadhrat Hasan Bin Ali narrates: This site uses cookies. Harmonium Tabla Ganjira and Elathaalam are the musical instruments employed for this performance. Qaseeda Burda Shareef Christian devotional songs malayalam Nallavanam song Jesus reigns christian songs malayalam. By not giving such respect to the Prophet, all religion comes to an end. I butda all of my brothers and sisters to make their habit to recite the Durood on a daily basis as much as they can.




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