In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to. The Lens Wizard ensures accurate back-focusing for perfectly sharp pictures at all times. The unique combination of bit digital video processing enhances sensitivity, and XF-Dynamic extends the dynamic range. Bosch lfc BVMS 9. Security Cameras by Megan Wollerton May 14, In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to transmit alarm and status messages, providing superior performance without additional installation steps.

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This camera has been discontinued. A suitable alternative is the Axis ML. Compact and unobtrusive, the Bosch NWC offers all the features of the previous model NWC but adds features to improve the cameras sensitivity and performance in low-light. Suitable for 24 hour monitoring, the camera will automatically switch from daylight colour mode to infrared sensitive night mode when light levels reach a certain value.

To improve picture quality in areas of high contrast the camera also includes XF-dynamic extended dynamic range. With support for Power over Ethernet, installation is quick, easy and cost effective as only one cable needs to be run to the camera to provide both data and power connections.

To further aid installation the camera contains an on-screen display and lens wizard tool which allows the camera to be configured without the need for a network connection or using complicated IP setup utility software. Advanced features include comprehensive alarm management tools which will provide alarm notifications by email with image attachment or by external relay output such as a physical alarm, lights etc.

Like all IP cameras offered on www. Note: This network camera does not include a power supply. Please select one from the options above.

The camera can be fully configured for analogue or network access using the on-screen display, on-camera controls and an analogue output monitor.


Bosch DinionXF LTC 0495/21 - surveillance camera Specs



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