Calling or Occupation: M. He would have been thirty-eight when he received his passport in August , and when he arrived in New York City in December Nyiszli was frequently mentioned, and bought the book on the spot. Especially interesting was the citation of a deposition of Dr.

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Calling or Occupation: M. He would have been thirty-eight when he received his passport in August , and when he arrived in New York City in December Nyiszli was frequently mentioned, and bought the book on the spot. Especially interesting was the citation of a deposition of Dr. Nyiszli, dated July 28, , hitherto unknown to me. I contacted Dr. Lifton through his staff in New York, and learned that his researchers had discovered the document in Hungary. This testimony, unmentioned in the Auschwitz literature before Dr.

There are several unmistakable parallels between this document and Dr. Among the parallels were his selection to perform autopsies by Dr. Mengele, his residence in crematorium 1, and his unusual assertion that the victims of the gas chamber at crematorium 1 were executed with chlorine granules. The original Hungarian edition states: "On one of the boxes they press in the top of a snap and they spill its contents - bean-sized, lilac-colored granular material - into the opening.

The spilled material is cyclone or the granular form of chlorine; it immediately becomes gas upon contact with air. Nyiszli wrote that it was manufactured during the war by the IG Farben Co. During the Nuremberg trials the Farben Co. However, as Dr. Nyiszli pointed out in his testimony, there were two types of cyclon in existence, type A and type B. They came in identical containers; only the marking A and B differentiated them. Type A was a disinfectant; type B was used to exterminate millions.

Nyiszli might make an "educated guess" in discussing Zyklon B, it is rather amazing that such material could still be printed about the Holocaust or, as I prefer, "Judenausrottung" in For example, Nyiszli states in his deposition that he arrived at Auschwitz on May 22, , stayed one day, and then was transferred to a labor detail in the sub-camp Monowitz. After about two weeks thus in June , all doctors with experience in pathology were asked to report to the authorities.

Nyiszli and one other doctor evidently a Hungarian who had worked at Strasbourg University did so, and were taken to crematorium 1 at Birkenau. After several hours Dr. Mengele appeared, and examined the two doctors. In Auschwitz, Nyiszli never goes to Monowitz; is recruited as a pathologist by Dr. Mengele in May, not June, ; and his fellow pathologist has disappeared!

The two doctors would then autopsy the victims, after which they would dissolve the bodies and ship the bones to a renowned anthropological institute in Berlin-Dahlem.

On one night, according to Nyiszli, Mengele ordered the two pathologists to assist him with a group of fourteen Gypsy twins. Nyiszli, ordered by Mengele, undressed a fourteen-year-old girl, and placed her on the dissection table, whereupon Mengele gave her a shot to cause sleep, then killed her with a chloroform injection. She was then removed to another location. The remaining thirteen twins were one by one treated in the same manner.

When all fourteen twins were dead, Mengele asked Nyiszli and his colleague how fast they could do the autopsies. They told him four a day, to which Mengele agreed. Interestingly, and disconcertingly, this story is omitted from Auschwitz. In the absence of the threat of his own death, Nyiszli could be considered an accomplice. Another oddity is this description of cleaning out the crematorium gas chamber: "The special command rinsed off the corpses with a water hose and then began the transport of the corpses in an elevator up to the boiler room.

At the end of his deposition, Nyiszli mentioned that all personnel of the Sonderkommando were killed on November 17, -- except for the doctors who worked for Mengele, and their assistants.

They were ordered away from the machine guns by Dr. Mengele himself: he needed their further help for his racial biology work. In Auschwitz, however, Dr. Mengele saves Nyiszli and the others on the date of the Auschwitz camp revolt a month earlier, which goes unmentioned in his deposition. Several Wartime Witnesses to Dr.

Nyiszli at Auschwitz. In correspondence with John Bennett in , he wrote, "Your justified questions demonstrate that you are very familiar with the concentration camp literature which unfortunately does not always present correct testimonies. Many legends have been written about this tragic truth and a few falsehoods have crept into the writing of Dr. Nyszli [sic] very well in early summer He had to work in the Sonderkommando with his colleagues, Prof. He was an outstanding and optimistic man I never saw Dr.

Nyiszli again after the war. He is supposed to have died in Nyiszli during the Frankfurt "Auschwitz Trial. One was named Dr. I saw once that Dr. Nyiszli had to put the corpse of a hunchbacked person into a container in which there were salts or acids in order to get the skeleton of this person. I also saw how the flesh was cut away from the thighs of those who had been shot dead.

He also states that two Hungarian pathologists worked for Mengele. Lifton, who sent me two testimonies about Dr. Mengele that mentioned Nyiszli. Niczly [sic] by name. He was an imposing presence, a bit fat Jozsef Szabo, a Hungarian deported to Auschwitz Her dates are not known to me. The corpse of this woman, fully unclothed, four of us carried on a board to the crematorium.

I do not remember which number the crematorium had, I can only remember that the way thither led through a wooded terrain. We knocked on the iron door of the crematorium, whereupon several persons in white coats opened [it] to us. Then a [female] companion, who was helping with the carrying of the corpse, commented [that] she had recognized Dr. Nyiszlit Miklos [sic], a deported physician, as she said, she knew Nyiszlit still from Nagyvara [sic]. I learned of other reports some unfavorable of Dr.

Nyiszli assisting Dr. Mengele at Birkenau, but since they appear in psychiatric interviews, they are at present closed to the public. They kindly assisted me in locating, then copying the entire book from back issues of Vilag.

English translations of those ads follow: Vilag, February 14, Chief physician Dr. Mengele directed thousand people "to the left" Miklos Nyiszli of Nagyvarad is the only surviving direct eyewitness to the mass murders in Auschwitz. Starting February 16, these world-important documents [sic] will be published serially in Vilag. Not a novel! Miklos Nyiszli, medical doctor, has described with cold objectivity how the Nazi butchers killed two million innocent people -- Christians, Jews, Hungarians, Russians, Poles, Czechs -- in Auschwitz.

The types of death: gas, injection, shooting in the back of the head, the bonfire, flame thrower. Every four months they killed the auxiliary personnel, so there would be no eyewitnesses.

The story of the only revolt in Auschwitz. Starting February 15 [sic], this world-important document will be published serially in Vilag. Vilag, February 15, What did the only surviving eyewitness of the mass murders in Auschwitz record in his diary? Tomorrow, Saturday, Vilag will begin serialization the diary of Dr. He makes the following statement in the introduction of his diary: "The undersigned Dr. Miklos Nyiszli was a doctor -- bearing the tattooed number A. As a concentration camp prisoner, [I] wrote the work that appears under my authorship, which contains the darkest pages of the history of humankind, free from all emotion, in accord with reality, avoiding the smallest exaggeration and embellishment, as a direct observer of the work of the crematoriums and bonfires of Auschwitz, in which millions of fathers, mothers, and children were consumed.

As the doctor of the crematoriums of Auschwitz, I wrote innumerable autopsy and medical reports and signed them with my tattoo number. These were countersigned by Dr. In writing this, I am not striving for literary success. According to Vilag, Nyiszli was the only surviving witness one ad says "Hungarian witness" to the Nazi mass murder at Auschwitz, and the newspaper was publishing the diary he had kept in the Birkenau crematorium. We shall now list several of these. The crematorium has 15 ovens.

This means the burning of 5, people per day. Four crematoriums operate at that same capacity. A total of 20, people a day pass through the gas chambers and from there to the incineration ovens. The souls of 20, innocent people depart, up the gigantic chimneys. Nothing more remains of them here than a heap of ash in the courtyard of the crematorium, whence trucks take it to the flowing Vistula about 2 kilometers from here.


Miklós Nyiszli

You find this account pp. The Sonderkommando had already begun to untangle the lattice of flesh. The noise of the elevators and the sound of their clanging doors reached my room. The work moved ahead double-time. The gas chambers had to be cleared, for the arrival of a new convoy had been announced. The chief of the gas chamber kommando almost tore the hinges off the door to my room as he arrived out of breath, his eyes wide with fear or suprise. We just found a girl alive at the bottom of a pile of corpses.


Miklós Nyiszli, superviviente de Auschwitz - "Fui asistente del doctor Mengele"

He studied medicine, first in Cluj in , then in Kiel between and In he enrolled at the medical faculty of the Silesian Friedrich Wilhelm University in Breslau, completing his degree in In Germany, Nyiszli specialised in forensic pathology; his doctoral dissertation dealt with indications of causes of death in suicides. He studied and worked under the supervision of Karl Reuter, the director of the Breslau Institute of Forensic Medicine, and Georg Strassmann, pathologist and professor of forensic medicine at the University of Breslau. In , Nyiszli returned to Transylvania and began practicing in the town of Oradea.

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