Shelves: pinoy , inspirational Oftentimes we say that we are just one citizen and we cannot do anything about the problems of the country. This book tells us Filipinos that there are twelve little things that we can do for our country. This little book was written by a lawyer in with the aim of having as many Filipinos read this so the language is simple and feels like written by a bright elementary or high school student. I agree with some of my friends who thought that this could have been more effective if Oftentimes we say that we are just one citizen and we cannot do anything about the problems of the country.

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This book is a best-seller on its first release about five years ago. We need to act now and change our olden and rotten ways.

The nice thing about the book is that it opens new insights and remedies on how to make Philippines a better place to live. The book proves the power of little good things that incrementally would help restore our country.

Follow traffic rules. Traffic rules are the most basic in this country where pedestrian crossing the pedestrian lane actually stop for passing vehicles. Following traffic rules is the lowest form of national discipline we can develop as a people.

A culture of discipline is crucial to our destiny as a nation, I deeply believe that this is important in a country of trisikad, tricycles, and jeepneys. Whenever you buy or pay for anything, always ask for an official receipt.

Asking for ORs leads to higher tax collections, which means more resources for our government. This could strengthen our economy and hopefully , lead us to progress. Buy local. Buy Filipino. In a society where a lot of smuggled Chinese products enter our shores, our money should support our own economy. Bayo, Penshoppe, Bench and more are Filipino-made. Buying Filipino means supporting the Filipino.

Or, if you read the book, the suggestion there is: that is, if you really have a hard time looking for a quality Pinoy product. When you talk to others, especially foreigners speak positively about us and our country.

Many of us fail to do this which includes, ahem, me. Although we may speak of the true problems of our country to other people, letting foreigners have a positive view on the Philippines could surely make a difference.

Wherever we maybe, we are salesmen of our country. Respect your traffic officer, policeman and soldier. Respect honors and dignifies a man. It compels him to do his job right. Do not litter. Let us dispose our garbage properly. We need to segregate, recycle, and conserve. We should make Philippines a beautiful country. Support your church. When we help our church, we help The Almighty in His works on earth.

During elections, vote. Last General Elections, we witnessed the historic automated polls in the Philippines. By doing our solemn duty, we fight for our right to make our own destiny both as a people, and as a nation. Pay your employees well. Paying them well helps their families, too. Pay your taxes. It is what builds our public schools, hospitals and roads. It is what pays our teachers, soldiers and other public servants.

Adopt a scholar or a poor child. To illustrate this point, let me share this: Once in one of my Comparative Politics class under Dr. After the pep talk, personal questions were asked. He was asked if how many children he has. But all of us were enlightened with his answer why he had a lot of kids. He explained that after his second child, he has intentionally undergone a vasectomy and adopted four different orphans of different racial backgrounds to be his legitimated children.

His story deeply left a mark in my heart. Be a good parent. We should teach our children to follow the law and love our country. If we start planting seeds of patriotism in the hearts and minds of our youth today, they would become patriots of our country in the future. Families are the core, the basic units of the society. We need to make the foundation strong and become responsible parents. If we aim to be like Singapore, Korea, or Japan, we need to be good citizens.

We can by doing simple things which would compliment to a successful government. Photo Credit:.


12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

Bajinn It urged me to make a step towards the right path that we Filipinos should take thjngs we want to live in a great country. There were long discussions. Dec 26, Honeypie rated it did not like it Shelves: Inat the height of a financial crisis in AsiaLacson and his wife considered moving to the United States or Canada. It could be used by the others abroad who are looking for improvements for their society. Earlier, an inspiring article was written by Mr. Unfortunately, people never change from the beginning, they just continue destroying things and they did not realize that they also waste a lot of money that can also help improve the country.


Alex Lacson

Ruben Tanseco, S. These 12 simple things are: 1. Follow traffic rules — Why is that the most important? The answer is simple.



Early life[ edit ] Lacson was born on 5 January in the Pinaginpinan barangay of Kabankalan , Negros Occidental , the sixth of eight children. His mother, Fe Tenefrancia Ledesma, was a public school teacher who taught second graders in the barrios of Kabankalan. His father, Jose Ramos Lacson, who had only a high school education, became a land surveyor and eventually a businessman. Lacson graduated fifth in his class at Esteban R. He went on to graduate from Kabankalan Catholic College in , where he was the salutatorian and student council president. Two major events during his childhood helped shape his outlook.


12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do


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