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This one is actually getting 1. Eighteen-year old Kelsey Hayes is faced with just this offer after spending 2 weeks working as a hired hand at a local circus one summer-- and her life will never be the same. I was so positively sure that I was going to absolutely love this book, that by the end, I would be in raptures and stumbling over myself trying to say enough good things about it.

OK, here we go So first, let me talk a little about Kelsey Hayes, the main character. At the beginning, I actually liked her. Laid-back, down-to-earth, and slightly quirky, she was a fun character to follow in the story.

But then things started to go down hill-- rapidly. Is your main character from The Little Rascals? And things only went from bad to worse when Ren the Prince stepped into the picture. If Kelsey was slightly childish and annoying to begin with, it was nothing compared to the infantile monstrosity she turns into in the last half of the book. The immaturity levels reached astronomical proportions.

How you ask? Here are a few examples: 1. She pouted and threw tiny tantrums when she was displeased about pretty much anything-- and rather than be an ADULT and communicate with Ren about how conflicted she was feeling, she turned into a cold and standoffish little biotch. Clearly, this is an awesome way to treat people. It was just too much.

There is no way in hell this chick was maybe 12? I just love how Kelsey was absolutely shocked and appalled when she sees Ren the Tiger-version and his brother hunt for food.

She does realize that "hunting" involves killing something right?? And that tigers have a tendency towards being carnivores? And that tasty meat often comes from cute animals? Then she has nightmares about it. Kelsey just LOVES to continually tell us about her little "love-plant" for Ren-- because you know, normal people talk like this. But wait, you say! Give me a fa-reaking break Colleen- sorry my dear, but saying that your main protag reads Shakespeare does NOT make her smart and clever and oh-so-different from everyone else, because she comes across as a complete dumbass in everything else she thinks, does, and says.

Need I mention how she nearly gets herself killed near Kishindha?





A tigris átka




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